Fundamentals of Physical Fitness

I have gone into training for becoming shaped and strong again since last month. It's been long since I have stopped training. Telling that I am busy is no more than just making an excuse.

Konami Sports Club's Lite Membership Plan is just for 6,930 yen a month. The only regulation is that I can use all the facilities once a day for 90min. This seems to be short. However, this is enough for planed training. I get myself into shape for the upper part of my body in a day, for the lower half of it on another day, and for stretching and relaxing whole muscle on the other day. 90min is enough for these 3 types of plans with taking a hot spa and sauna bath. I can make the best of the time available.

What is the most important is keeping on working out everyday. This is it.

By the way, I am also interested in the Beginning Movement Load Theory-based training. Many people have recommended for me to practice this theory. By practicing this BML Theory, your muscle becomes like "that of a frog," said Fumy the other day to me. He mentioned that "Danilo DiLuca's muscle is just like that."
I gotta make a long-term strategy.

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