Shibuya - SFC - Shibuya ::: 90km
Today, I took a ride to SFC by bike. It usually takes more than 2 hours recently, because I am much weaker thanbefore. Today, however, it was less than 2, since I have found shorter & faster route. From Shibuya, I take route 246 & 467. This is 5km shorter than takeing route 1. It took only 95 min on my way back home tonight.

Tonight, I checked my way of pedalling. I tried not to dance even when climbing. I floored the pedal stronger than before, when I was just rotating it. I concentrated my attension & thoughts on the very working miscles on my legs, while pedalling. It was something different from that of before. It eased both of my thighs. I did'nt get cramps in my legs. I feel something new & this might be good. For the time being, I will keep trying this style.

Tomorrow, I gatta wake up before 5am for the training to go to Mt. Fuji, the hardest climbing route ever I have experienced. We, with my teammates, will also climb Myojin-Mikuni pass tomorrow. It is 2:30am... I am afraid that I can not wake up that early...

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